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Our company was founded in a small town in the countryside of northern Greece called Thessalia. Our birthplace gave our company its maiden name “Thessaliki”, at the time. For 13 years, we’ve been producing traditional deep-frozen pastry products made with handmade “filo” pastry, under our new brand name “Messogeiaki Pita”. Experience and knowhow has helped us evolve, with Excellency being the cornerstone of our company values; we are using only the purest ingredients to recreate the traditional recipes of our ancestors while also innovating new ones to cater to our customers’ needs. Our passion is rooted in providing outstanding quality to ensure our customer satisfaction.

To ensure the rich flavor of our products we pay special attention in the sourcing process of our raw materials. Our recipes include fresh milk, regionally certified Greek cheese varieties, extra virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs, all wrapped in our artisan handmade “filo” pastries made from flour from the best mills in Greece. We place our hearts and passion in the creation process of our products never rushing production, unlike mass produced products, making sure we preserve the essence of the unique traditional recipes. This way we are always certain, and proud, of the incomparable results that reminds us of a time when quality was the rule and not the exception.

Where to find us:

Leoforos Marathonos 8,
Τ.Κ. 19009, Pikermi
Tel. 2110122305

Traditional pies with handmade "filo" pastry, without preservatives!

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